by Flub



Flub's Debut EP entitled Purpose.


released June 30, 2013

Recorded and Engineered by Matt Thomas at Hazmatt Recordings & Productions in Sacramento, CA

All music written and performed by Flub



all rights reserved


Flub Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Wander Without Purpose
Lonesome mortal who walks amongst my world
why are you still here?
Your mission was fulfilled long ago
I created you to expire before now
Your continued lifespan has baffled me

I watch your every move from the stars above
waiting to see what you will do next
you are not meant to be
you should cease to exist
there is no more meaning for thee

even a deity can shed tears at this sight
i pity you my glitch
you shall now continue to suffer as you wander without purpose
alone until the last of your days
please for give me my son.

Ive forsaken you my own child.
Track Name: Colors
Tears come to my eyes as I watch you turn
A silence comsumed the room when your heart stopped
This demons transformation is now complete
Smirking it's sharpest grin of satisfaction
A curse has attached itself amongst your very soul
Slowly I've watched as the colors have faded into a meloncholy grey
Shades of sorrow crawl amongst the ground
Hollowed retina with skin cold to the touch
Memories flood my concience of the times we shared
Glancing into the empty pupils of my former brother
I grasp my sword tight and realize what must be done
Regret fills my inner being
I witnessed you take this path but couldn't do a thing
This is the only way I can make things right
I have failed to save you, I have failed you my friend
My cold steel pierces through decayed flesh and black bile pours across the floor
The creature falls
Rest now my friend, for you are now at peace
Track Name: A False Promise
I wander this abyss of grey shadows while cursing to the heavens

im ready for this to be over
my dreams spoke an answer from above

years it echoed in my head, for years it echoed in my head
certain to be true, it was the only way to save him
i struck down my own brother in cold blood

I wish for free will to be true
I wish for free will to be true
free will is just a false promise
free will is just a false promise

cursed i am to walk this earth
until the end of my days
cursed i am to walk this world
unable to take my own life.

I've been plagued with this burden of concience
and nightmares of my companions' death haunt me

Wretched creator, i beg you to hear my plea
end my existence, I no longer wish to be